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                                                    Taiping, Perak, Malaysia



Kamunting brings many of the visitors from the North-South Expressway via the northern exit, to Taiping by Kamunting Express Bus Terminal.

Kamunting also the main gateway to Taiping for South-bound travellers using the North-south expressway. Whereas, North-bound travellers will take Chiangkat Jering exit to enter Taiping.

Kamunting is the biggest satelite town as well as industrial town in Taiping, especially the newly concepturized Greater Kamunting attracts billions of overseas investments under the NCER initiative.

It was once well-covered in the mass media for its detention centre - a prison camp for detainees under the Internal Security Act, also known as ISA.

Kamunting - Map

During the Malayan Emergency between 1948 and 1960, Kamunting was the site of a major British/Commonwealth military base, there being a large garrison for the 28th Commonwealth Independent Infantry Brigade and also one of the three British Military Hospitals (BMHs) in Malaya. Between Taiping and Kamunting is one of the main Military Cemeteries in Malaya. Over the many years of the conflict against the Communist terrorists, thousands of British, Australian, New Zealand, Fijian and Gurkha troops lived - and died - in and around Kamunting and Taiping.