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Taiping Cable Car

The Perak state government has signed a concession agreement with Taiping Cable Car Sdn Bhd to build and operate Cable Car services in Bukit Larut, Taiping.

Cable car in British English is an aerial type of lift in which a cabin or other conveyance is suspended from a cable and is sometimes pulled by the same cable. Cable cars are commonly used in ski villages or resorts around the world, especially those across the Alpine regions of Europe.

In American English, "cable car" is often associated with a type of cable-pulled street tramway with detachable vehicles, and is an icon of San Francisco, California.

The first aerial tram was built in 1644 to move soil to build defences. Mining tramway systems were developed in the 1860s then evolves to perfect a line of mining and people tramways after 1867 in California and Nevada.

Tramways were common in the early 20th century at mining sites begins from North and South America, through out various parts of the world.

Along with the rise of the middle class and leisure industry, cable car further evolves into sight seeing machines. For its much cheaper cost to build compared to railway, many hundreds of installations have rapidly emerged in mountainous and seascape areas through out America, Canada, South Africa and Japan, after the Second World War.

Cable car system evolves again in latter decades; in Costa Rica - a renowned ecotourism destination - cable car system was built to move tourists above a rainforest, while one in Portland, Oregon, Medellin in Colombia was built to move commuters. Presently, the mining role of tramways has lessened, though some still work, and moving people remains a starring role for the device.

Instead, cable cars (aerial tramway) are now widely used as tourist attraction, and an alternative transportation in remote tourist sites, for its environmental friendiness, and lower cost of installation.

Besides Costa Rica, Skyrail Rainforest Cableway in Cairns Australia builds cable car system to move tourists above rainforest as well. Whereas, Tung Chung Cable car system in Hongkong and Genting Highlands Skyway in Pahang Malaysia, install cable car systems to move tourists at their mountainous sites.

It's expected that as earlier as year 2011, there will be another cable car system in service in Bukit Larut, Taiping - a heritage town in northern Perak, Peninsular Malaysia. In addition to the existing tourist attractions such as Taiping Zoo, Night Safari and the renowned Taiping Lake Gardens. To boost the tourism industry and bringing more tourists to Taiping.