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                                                    Taiping, Perak, Malaysia


Taiping Heritage

Taiping was not only chosen as the centre of government by the Straits Governor, Taiping was also one of the pioneers in municipal government in the Federated Malay States.

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As shown in the map above, town centre streets run at right-angles to each other forming agrid, called "Grid plan", or Hippodamian plan in  the context of the culture of Ancient Greece. Which is one of the very rare town plans found in Southeast Asia.

  • Taiping Heritage Trail
    A GROUP of heritage lovers travelled back in time as they explored old buildings in Taiping on foot. The heritage trail was a guided tour organised by the Taiping Heritage Society and Shun Tak Association to promote the rich and diverse heritage of the once thriving mining town.
  • save its British Heritage
    Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak recently named Taiping as a “heritage city,” which will help to preserve remaining old structures in the city. The government even hopes in the long term to turn eventually Taiping into another UNESCO World Heritage site. In budget 2012, the government will allocate US$320 million to accelerate development in Taiping.
  • House of Ng Boo Bee
  • Ceylon Association Heritage Building
    THE Ceylonese community came to Perak in the early 1880s to join the civil service and build the railways. In 1899, they founded the Ceylonese Association of Taiping and put up the association’s building in 1901. The members then were civil servants, contractors and railways workers. They contributed to the growth and the development of Taiping town.
  • Lady Treacher Girls’ School
    It's called SMK Treacher Methodist Girls' School or TMGS today, located at Jalan Muzium (Museum Road), Taiping, Perak.
  • The 1st English girls school
    THE country’s first English girls school - Treacher Methodist Girls School (TMGS) in Taiping is 120 years old this year. The school was started by the Perak state government as the Government Girls’ School, in 1889 with only a wooden building and eight pupils.
  • Perak Museum Location Map
    Perak Museum is located at Jalan Muzium (Off Jalan Taming Sari) Taiping. Which is just opposite of Taiping prison.
  • Stories of the Past
    Among the things Lee has uncovered is that the earliest grave in Taiping is dated 1861 and not 1863 as stated by previous researchers. Lee pointed out that no one has disputed any of his works so far.
  • Heritage Tourism Destination
    WHILE the days of tin mining are far gone in Taiping’s history, locals believe that the town can be developed through other means as a heritage tourism destination. This historical town and its surrounding areas have numerous places of interest such as the Taiping Lake Gardens, Bukit Larut, Taiping Zoo and Night Safari, Matang mangrove forest, bird sanctuary and Kampung Dew firefly sanctuary.
  • Taiping Heritage Run
  • Heritage Preservation
    The lovely town of Taiping and its heritage is vaunted by the Taiping Heritage Society, started in 2006, and its own townfolk including Tony Ng Chuan Aik who has set up his website, A Taiping native, now living in Klang, Ng says: "It's my personal site. I've created it partly to promote my dear hometown of Taiping. Years ago, I found that people seldom knew about Taiping, let alone its history."