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Taiping News

  • Tombstones Vandalised
    Taiping War cemetery tombstones vandalised. The cemetery is where the remains of World War Two soldiers are buried. It is open to public from 8am to 5pm.
  • The Gathering
    Movie - The Gathering Synopsis: Xiao Mei had a sour relationship with her mother after a misunderstanding. When her mother pass on, she then realizes how much she misses her and filled with guilt and remorse. Fang Tai, a mature and empathetic lad from a humble family that runs a hawker food stall in Taiping. Fang Tai and Xiao Mei had a crush on .... each other
  • The Charm of First Love
    They say that first love is the sweetest thing, but even sweeter still are the tasty treats and scenic dating spots in Taiping that are featured in upcoming film The Gathering. At least that’s what local Mandopop duo ThomasJack, who star in the made-in-Malaysia coming-of-age movie, believe.
  • CNY Open-house in Taiping
    Thousands of people thronged the streets here to attend the national-level Chinese New Year open house celebration. Guests, including tourists from the United States, Hong Kong, Germany, Canada, Indonesia and Brunei, were treated to a sumptuous spread of local fare like char kuey teow, satay, spiced rice and fruits. Najib said the people should not take the country’s peace and harmony for granted.
  • SM Convent Taiping Old Girls reunion
    SM Convent Taiping Old Girls' reunion Former students of SM Convent Taiping, Perak, are invited to a reunion on Sept 29, from 2pm to 6pm at Saloma Bistro & Theatre Restaurant, MaTiC Jalan Ampang.
  • Zoorama festival
    Tourists can also explore places at a cheaper rate and win lucky draws TAIPING: IN conjunction with the Visit Perak Year 2012, the Taiping Municipal Council (MPT) organised the Taiping Lake Gardens and Zoorama Fest 2012 until month end here.
  • High Courts in Taiping
    The High Courts in Taiping, Perak, Muar - Johor and Temerloh - Pahang will remain, said Chief Justice Tun Arifin Zakaria. However, he said the judiciary would decide whether the judges should be placed permanently at those courts or serve on visiting basis. Ariffin was commenting on reports that the Taiping, Muar and Temerloh High Courts may be closed soon following amendments to the Subordinate Courts Act
  • Punjabi Education Trust to get RM500,000 Annual Grant
    Malaysian Punjabi Education Trust To Get RM500,000 Annual Grant. Which is to help the country's Sikh community develop education programmes in their mother tongue.
  • 1Malaysia Sport Run
    Three million students and teachers are scheduled to take part in the 1Student-1Sport-1Malaysia run to be held simultaneously throughout the nation on July 2, 2011. The run is in the form of mass running and not a competition, and the run at national level will be in Taiping, Perak, which will be joined by the Deputy Prime Minister.
  • Fall in Love with Taiping
    THE beauty of Taiping has attracted the attention of a Dutch couple who made their way here on just two wheels. Williem and Roslie Freeke, both aged 63, who have been travelling around the world for two years on their bicycles, found their way to the quiet town of Taiping recently.
  • Korean varsity to Taiping
    leading South Korean marine science university has chosen Perak to set up its offshore campus. Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir said the state government had identified potential sites in Taiping, Selinsing and Kuala Gula for the Pukyong National University campus.
  • Kuala Sepetang Railway Land - Good News
    The Railway Asset Corporation, as administrator of the land, was also asked to consider whether to hand over to the state government the land, which has not been used for railway operations since 1941, without any payment imposed. Releasing the land where the country's first railway line was located, will enable the Perak government to develop it for housing as well as to preserve the historical location.
  • Bikers shatter Taiping park’s serenity
    Taiping has earned a reputation as a town that is rich with history, multicultural background and a rich variety of food. Many travellers, especially those heading towards Penang, do take the trouble to exit from the highway for short trips into the town. Two major attractions worth the effort are the Taiping Zoo and the Lake Gardens.
  • Hungry tiger shot dead by RELA member
    A tiger weighing some 120kg, was believed to have strayed into the village, some 10km from the Bintang Hijau Forest Reserve to forage for food, was shot dead by a RELA member at Kampung Ulu Damaq in Sungai Bayor, SELAMA. Larut-Matang & Selama District in Northern Perak. This is the second tiger that was reportedly killed in the state this year.
  • Taiping’s charcoal industry
    Taking over from Friends Forever is the new Ntv7 Mandarin series Glowing Embers, an intensely dramatic tale revolving around the little known charcoal industry in Taiping, Perak.
  • DiGi speeds up mobile Internet rollout
    Malaysia-based mobile provider DiGi Telecommunications has speeded up its Turbo 3G network rollout in Malaysia with a further expansion worth US$29.4 million (RM100 million). “With population coverage of 68 per cent in Ipoh and 45 per cent in Kuching at launch, DiGi will be increasing the percentage of coverage to 98 per cent and 55 per cent in both cities respectively by March 2010,” “Progressive plans are also underway to widen DiGi’s Turbo 3G coverage in other towns such as Taiping, Kamunting and Kampar in Perak and Miri in Sarawak by the second half of 2010,”
  • A Giant White Soft-shell Turtle
    TAIPING, PERAK: More than 200 people rushed to a villager's house to personally take a look at a rarely seen giant white soft-shell turtle, which was believed to be a mascot that brought great fortune.
  • User Friendly Public Transportation
    The Works Ministry had approved a project valued at RM680 million to upgrade a road that linked Lumut and Taiping. About 60km road from Segari, Lumut to Changkat Jering, Taiping will be upgraded to be a four-lane road.
  • 3G to Taiping by Digi
    DiGi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd is set to invest RM100 million in an effort to broaden its Turbo3G network and mobile Internet services in Perak and Sarawak over the next three years. "As at present, we are only available in Ipoh and Kuching, we are looking to expand the services to Taiping, Kamunting and Kampar in Perak and Miri in Sarawak by the second half of 2010," said chief executive officer Johan Dennelind.
  • Kuala Sepetang Railway Land
    These residents, mostly fishermen, have lived on the land which was previously laid with a railway track connecting Port Weld (now Kuala Sepetang) to Taiping.
  • Tok Mat A Loyal Nationalist
    Beginning his career as a teacher at the King Edward VII School, Taiping, Perak in 1963, Mohamed later ventured into script writing at Filem Negara Malaysia for one year in 1964.
  • Perak Steps Up Tourism Promotion
    The state of Perak in Malaysia is to market itself aggressively abroad by promoting attractions dubbed the "10 Icons of Perak" to boost annual tourist arrivals. The 10 icons include the Royal Belum world's oldest rainforest; the Gua Tempurung largest limestone cave in Peninsular Malaysia; the Matang mangrove swamp forest; the Taiping Zoo...
  • Shortage of business space in Taiping
    The North Perak Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry wants building structures to be changed in the historical and heritage town of Taiping, claiming there is a shortage of business space. Its president Toh Chai Quan made the call as Taiping is a heritage town and currently the Taiping Town Council does not allow the conversion of the pre-war two-storey buildings into modern structures with a greater height. Claiming there is not enough office space for the expansion of the business sector, Toh said the two-storey pre-war buildings should be developed into four or five-storey modern buildings as the price of land in Taiping has skyrocketed.
  • All together to pray for peace
    September 21 is International Day of Peace and some non-governmental bodies are celebrating it on a large scale. CANDLE-LIGHTING for peace and a peace quiz are among the activities lined up by the Taiping Peace Initiative (TPI) for the day of peace on Monday.
  • Cheer for railway land squatters
    Perak has agreed to swap land with KTM Berhad and the Railway Asset Management Corporation to allow squatters in Kuala Sapetang (Port Weld) to remain on the land.
  • Into the engine
    According to Ang Lee Kaw, chief executive of Taiping based Noble Greenworld, a company that recycles cooking oil from hawkers and restaurants into biodiesel, a large amount of the waste is unaccounted for. “We don’t know where it goes. In other countries, you need a contract to collect used cooking oil. But here, anyone can do it, and you never know what happens to the collected oil.”
  • ESPN Star Sports To Co-organise International Eco Adventure 2009
    The Perak government, through its think-tank agency, Institut Darul Ridzuan (IDR) in collaboration with ZI Production Sdn Bhd and ESPN Star Sports will organise Perak Amanjaya International Eco Adventure 2009 next month. Among the locations identified for the event are Banding-Royal Belum, Taiping-Kuala Sepetang, Sungai Kampar-Gua Tempurung and Pasir Salak-Pulau Pangkor.
  • The most beautiful Lake Garden
    Scenic beauty of the Taiping Lake Garden is on par with some of the best in the world. If you’ve always bypassed Taiping on your journeys, make a point of stopping there for the night. You won’t regret it. Taiping is a place that’s pretty much off anyone’s radar, unless it happens to be your hometown and you are looking forward to your annual balik kampung break.
  • Ministry plans garden lure to boost tourism
  • Monkey business - Visit the Taiping Zoo
    Visit the Taiping Zoo to get up close and personal with all the different primates. Ask any senior resident in Taiping, and they will tell you stories of the Monkey Forest during their younger days. In the middle of the Taiping Lake Gardens, there used to be a jungle, with a track running through it that was a favourite haunt of courting couples. In the 1880s, tin miners dug up the surrounding grounds, creating the present lakes, but left this green patch alone.
  • Kings of the hill
    CAR workshop owner Eddy Wong and co-driver Romey Julius proved their victory at the Larut Hill International 4X4 Challenge last year was no fluke when they repeated the feat this year in Taiping recently.
  • KING Edward VII - RM64,740 for School Band
    SM KING Edward VII’s brass band got a fresh breath of life in the form of a RM64,740 donation from the CIMB Foundation recently. Band adviser Teoh Wei Kien was one of the happiest persons at the donation handover ceremony at the school in Taiping.
  • Monkeys terrorise school in Taiping
    WHILE other school heads are worried of falling grades of their students in examinations, this is not the case for Taiping’s SM Sains Tun Azlan Shah senior principal Rahimah Mohd Sura. She is more concerned about marauding monkeys and wild boars, which she says has been her greatest challenge since she assumed the post about two years ago.
  • 500 million Chinese viewers to see Malaysian way of life
    The RM6mil series, which tells the tale of twin sisters separated at birth, was mostly shot in Beijing but features Malaysian backdrops like Dataran Merdeka, Petronas Twin Towers, Taiping Lake Gardens, Malacca town and the Penang beaches.
  • Journey of peace to Taiping
    IN CONJUNCTION with the International Day of Peace, more than 15 cars headed to Taiping to promote peace.
  • War artefacts found at foothill of Bukit Larut
    BROKEN artefacts, believed to be utensils used during World War Two, have been discovered in some streams at the foot of Bukit Larut in Taiping.
  • Little-seen nocturnal animals can be glimpsed at the Taiping Zoo
    Many of the country’s little-seen nocturnal animals can be glimpsed at the Taiping Zoo in Perak. Naturally, you’ll want to visit after sunset.
  • Grants for homestays
    Parliamentary and state constituencies have been allocated grants from the Tourism Ministry to encourage the setting up of more homestay facilities throughout the country. A parliamentary constituency is allocated RM200,000 while each state constituency is granted RM50,000.
  • Cycling the globe - back to his hometown in Taiping
    LAW TZUO HANN decided to cycle from all the way in Los Angeles, California, back to his hometown in Taiping, Perak, last year. The 23-year-old adventurer is working on a book that chronicles his journey across the globe. He shares his pictures from the journey with R.AGE
  • School honours its rich past - King Edward VII in Taiping
    SMK King Edward VII in Taiping, which has produced many illustrious Malaysians, is celebrating its 125th anniversary this year with a string of activities which include a gala dinner, two rugby tournaments and the launch of a coffee table book. Former MCA president Tun Dr Ling Liong Sik, who studied in the school between 1950 and 1957, launched the anniversary celebration at the school on Monday.
  • The Zookeepers of the Taiping Zoo and Night Safari
    It is the affection for the animals living in the zoo that keeps them going day in, day out. Not only did the BRATs visit the Taiping Zoo & Night Safari, they even got to visit areas of the zoo closed to the public.
  • The Thai-ping Temple
    Wat is Thai for temple, and what makes this particular one located in Taiping, Perak, unique is the fact that within it compound lives a small Thai community. The temple was built 123 years ago, and has remained a significant place of worship for the Buddhist community in Taiping.
  • Flash floods spoil agri land in Kuala Sepetang, Taiping
    LARGE tracts of agricultural land in Kampung Melawati in Matang, Kuala Sepetang near Taiping, have remained un-productive, no thanks to perennial flash floods. Villagers there have blamed the silting and clogging up of the Melawati River with overgrown weeds as the main causes of the floods. The river, which meanders through the village, will burst its banks after heavy rain.
  • Taiping High Court
    It was reported that the Taiping High Court, which was set up to serve northern Perak almost 20 years ago, would soon be closed.
  • Taiping News in Chinese
    Taiping news in Chiniese 太平点滴