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25 Apr 2010

Bikers shatter Taiping park’s serenity

OVER the years, Malaysians have enjoyed the convenience of travelling via the North South Expressway, many smaller towns along the trunk road have lost a considerable volume of visitors thus impacting the small businesses and tourist arrivals. Nevertheless, one such town that has withstood the impact is the serene and beautiful town of Taiping.

Taiping has earned a reputation as a town that is rich with history, multicultural background and a rich variety of food. Many travellers, especially those heading towards Penang, do take the trouble to exit from the highway for short trips into the town. Two major attractions worth the effort are the Taiping Zoo and the Lake Gardens.

I make it a point to stop at Taiping whenever heading towards Penang and my favourite is the Lake Gardens. Nevertheless, in one of the trips over a weekend, my friends and I, decided to put up a night and take a late evening stroll around the lake. Out of the blue, there was a group of rowdy motorcyclists.

We were taken aback that even in such areas there were groups of indisciplined motorcyclists. According to some locals this group has been racing in the area for some time and the many complaints made to the police have fallen on deaf ears. Consequently, many locals have been avoiding outings to the Lake Gardens fearing for their safety, especially the elderly and children.

This feedback has compelled me to highlight this matter in the media. I hope that fast and
effective deterrent action is taken to nip this negative culture.

Narinder Pal Singh
Shah Alam

 - The Sun -