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08 Aug 2008

‘Shortage of business space in Taiping’

IPOH: The North Perak Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry wants building structures to be changed in the historical and heritage town of Taiping, claiming there is a shortage of business space.

Its president Toh Chai Quan made the call as Taiping is a heritage town and currently the Taiping Town Council does not allow the conversion of the pre-war two-storey buildings into modern structures with a greater height.

Claiming there is not enough office space for the expansion of the business sector, Toh said the two-storey pre-war buildings should be developed into four or five-storey modern buildings as the price of land in Taiping has skyrocketed.

He said the association wants the state government to declassify the heritage status of buildings that are in the business section and allow the owners to develop their land.

He was speaking to reporters on Wednesday after he led 13 committee members to present Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin a memorandum asking the state government to look into their business problems.

In their memorandum, the 42 year-old Taiping-based association, which has 700 members, also wants the state government to:-

» allow their tipper lorries to carry sand, stones and bricks on all days including holidays and Sundays to make up for the loss in business during rainy days. (At present, tipper lorries are not allowed to conduct their business on holidays and Sundays, but the association argues that Taiping is a wet town that sees constant rainfall which hampers their monthly business operations to only about 20 days.)

» develop Taiping, which is considered as a retirees’ paradise, into a business hub and also encourage more visitors to visit the heritage town by launching more tourist campaigns .

» develop the town as a centre of education excellence by encouraging more colleges and a university to set up their campus in Taiping so as to reduce the cost of sending children to study outstation or overseas.

» solve the frequent flash floods in the housing estates situated along Tupai river.

» standardise parking coupons in the whole state so that residents can use the coupons whenever they drive outstation, and

» reduce quit rent for industrial land to help the business sector

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