goTaiping Everlasting Peace
                                                    Taiping, Perak, Malaysia


The Gathering in Taiping

Release Date:04 Sep 2014
Subtitle:English / Malay / Mandarin
Running Time:103 minutes
Director:Bingo Chang
Cast:Chen Zeyao, Guo Xiaodong, Zhou Zhou, Huang Zhongkun, Fang Jiwei, Zhuhao Ren, Chen Wei Quan, Hank Yip, Zheng Wei Yin
Distributor:MM2 Entertainment
Xiao Mei had a sour relationship with her mother after a misunderstanding. When her mother pass on, she then realizes how much she misses her and filled with guilt and remorse. Fang Tai, a mature and empathetic lad from a humble family that runs a hawker food stall in Taiping. Fang Tai and Xiao Mei had a crush on each other. But Xiao Mei’s mother strongly disallows her daughter to be in a relationship such adolescent age and the young Xiao Mei suppressed her desire and obliged. After her mother pass on, Xiao Mei finally attended the yearly “The Gathering” with the old schoolmates hoping to meet with Fang Tai again.

[同學會] 電影主題曲 :還是會想你 / 演唱:車子
電影[同學會]主題曲,由實力唱將新人 - 車子 深情演繹。

I will always miss you, by Daneil

I will always miss you, by Daneil

由The One Academy團隊協力完成的電影主題曲[還是會想你]MV~透過影像,插畫以及動畫­的效果之後,為電影製造了更細膩的淡淡哀愁感,讓觀衆更期待這段發生在太平的小愛情....