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War artefacts found at foothill of Bukit Larut

Thursday August 28, 2008

BROKEN artefacts, believed to be utensils used during World War Two, have been discovered in some streams at the foot of Bukit Larut in Taiping.
Discovered in streams: Mohd Radzi (left) and Tarmizi showing the broken artefacts.

The discovery has posed questions over what transpired in the hilly area during the period.

“They could be utensils used by the British or the Japanese soldiers during the war,” said Mohd Radzi Mat Rifin, a self-professed history buff.

Mohd Radzi, 45, and his friend Tarmizi Lod, 43, had earlier discovered a row of trenches and a cave which were believed to have been used to store ammunition during the war.

The duo decided to unveil their findings to the press recently since they felt that the site, accessible via Burmese Pool, a well-known picnic area, could hold historical information.

Mohd Radzi, who has gone through history books, believes that a valley there had once been the northern command post of British soldiers.

He believes that a group of British soldiers were planning to provide a pocket of resistance to the Japanese soldiers.

“The base could have been overrun by the Japanese soldiers. We have found signs of a mass grave not far from the trenches and cave which we discovered recently,” he said.

However, he said the mass grave could be a remnant of a graveyard belonging to a Rawa community from Indonesia who were brought either by the British or Japanese soldiers to work at the base camp.

“I have located three elderly men who confirmed that a Rawa community did reside at the foot of Bukit Larut after the World War Two,” he said.

Mohd Radzi did not rule out that when the British surrendered to the Japanese in Singapore in 1941, the site was taken over by the Japanese.


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