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                                                    Taiping, Perak, Malaysia


The Chartered Bank

The Chartered Bank was founded in London in 1851/1853, opened its first branches in 1858 in Calcutta and Bombay and then Shanghai. In 1859, the bank opened a branch in Hong Kong and an agency in Singapore. Banknotes were issued by the Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China. And opened agency at Taiping from 1859 until 1890, during the boom of tin-mining.

The existing Taiping Public Library building located at Kota Road facing Taiping Lake Gardens, was formerly used by The Chartered Bank.

The Standard Bank

Founded in the Cape Province of South Africa in 1862 by John Paterson. Commenced business in Port Elizabeth, in January 1863.

Was prominent in financing the development of the diamond fields of Kimberley from 1867 and later extended its network further north to the new town of Johannesburg when gold was discovered there in 1885.

Standard Chartered Bank

Standard Chartered Bank was formed in 1969 through a merger of The Chartered and The Standard banks.

Today, 'Chartered Bank' still sounds more familiar to the Taiping old folks.